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Gwendolyn Truman
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Gwendolyn Truman I can identify with a trial trying to overtake my mind-a mental death! I'm #UNDEFEATED! Palm trees RULE! Favorite track: #UNDEFEATED.
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La Shaun phoenix Moore walks the fine line between the Holy and the Profane in her first solo project. Listeners will be inspired to join Phoenix's revolution or create an ANTHEM of their own.


released May 16, 2015

La Shaun phoenix Moore - Executive Producer/Lyrics/Vocals
InHear Productions - Production, Mixing, Mastering



all rights reserved


La Shaun phoenix Moore Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Supernova
Verse 1:
I feel like I can finally breathe.
Had to let it out.
If I held it any longer
I was gonna explode

Feel like I am finally free
Though I lost everything.
Not afraid of starting over.
Finding myself again.

Said I had to let go

I’m not so fragile – I’m indestructible.

Eh, I gotta press on.
Shine like ten billion suns.
I’m not so fragile – I’m indestructible.

Verse 2:
Severed ties
They throwing shade
Pissed cuz they missed all
the money made.
Caught a whiff of the brilliance
Then played me cruel
mad cuz another nigga
Running with your jewel (now).

Doctors and nurses
pronounced me dead
Ventilators, IVs,
hospital beds.
Undefeated on the 7th week
Full stage
A supernova had a rebirth
and let it go!


Don’t be afraid to let go
You made to explode

Don’t be afraid to let go
You were made to explode

Track Name: Bullet Train
Verse 1:
200 miles per hour I’m rolling
Opportunity knocked
I can’t keep snoring my life away
My now is today, yeah
I’m on the move.

Doors have opened just like I prayed
But, I’m in motion
can’t be pausing for folks who say
“Hey, hold up me wait for me!”
I’m on the move.

I’ve been waiting my whole life
Just to live my whole life
Got no more time to waste
Riding on this bullet train, bullet train
Riding on this bullet train
Riding on this bullet train
(No more squandering my dreams away.
Gotta live my now today.
Riding on this bullet train).

Verse 2:
Been feeling so long like it’s me versus everybody
But, when I peel back the veil
I realize that I’m not alone
This dream is not just my own
(I’ve got a whole Universe invested in me)

I’ve doubted myself so long that it’s hard to lead.
Yet it’s too many souls out there depending on me to move.
Depending on me to do…more than just wait!


No more waiting.
Time is wasting.
No more waiting.
Time is wasting away.

No more patience.
No more waiting.
Time for me to move!

Track Name: Working Man
Verse 1:
The steel grit of the city sky
got my mentals on a daily grind.
We're popping blue and whites and clocking time
stacking up to meet the bottom line

All day long.

Another roll around the hamster wheel.
Another vice in life to numb the feel
Another hand to shake to close a deal.
This ain't a dream
Shit is real.

Who gives a fuck if it's a Monday?
Every day is like a Friday.
So stay the fuck up outta my way.
If you're not tryna to make it pay day.

Verse 2:
No alarms. I don’t sleep.
I’ll get a wink in on my Gulfstream.
I’ll take a day off on my yacht.
But, until then this bullet train, bullet train
Makes no stops.


I’m so over my yesterday.
Working just to eat. Feeling so enslaved.
Living dark on sunny days.
No light seeping through.
Just this purple haze.

But, when illumination came.
Set my sights so far beyond maintain.
My vision sharpened, I took aim.
I want the fortune and the fame – I’m not fucking around.

Track Name: Left Behind
Now you wanna take me seriously?
Now you wanna dick ride the beat?
Now you answering text and calls?

Now you saying that I’m relevant?
Now you calling me the baddest bitch?
See me climbing when you thought I'd fall?

Stand behind me if you want.
I'm popping off new shit.
You can stand behind me if you want
Court cases.
Bitches fronting friend behind them wolf faces.
Almost lost my mind.
Tossed the dream.
I’m battle tested.
No defying me.

No more fantasizing.
Off the ventilator now I’m actualizing
Every dream
will be televised.
I’m the revolution.
You been advised.

Been knocked down.
But, I’m not done yet.
Endured the fire.
I’ll never forget.
Sweat and blood.
A second chance.

Team dominating snatching all ya glory up.
Tuck your tails.
Run for the hills.
We taking over every hemisphere.


No weapon (#UNDEFEATED)
No weapon (They #UNDEFEATED)

No weapon formed against me shall prosper. (repeat)

Track Name: Sanctify Me
Verse 1:
I give myself away.
So, lover use me.

Not my will but yours be done.
Combine our spirits make them one
as you run through me.
Consume me.

Purified by your kiss.
Electrified by your touch.
Calm these troubled waters
I give you dominion over me my love.
Sanctify me.
Sanctify me.

Sacrifice it all.
No demand too great.
Fully committed to
give you dominion over me my love.
Sanctify me.
Sanctify me.

Verse 2:
I’m shackled…bound to you.
What’s your commandment?
You can have it.

We’ll leave no planet unexplored.
I’m your domain.
This world is yours.
Don’t take for granted.
This access granted.


In the afterglow.
Could be so much more to come.

What’s the score?
Do you want more?

One more “L”
before the second round.
Come and knock it out.
New champion is crowned.

Track Name: Do It Again
Verse 1:
9 to 5 I’m done working.
I’m ‘bout to dip off on my way to you.
Said my body’s been yearning
for all the sexy little things you do.
Cleared my calendar –I’m yours, baby.
Can’t wait to see you, ‘cuz I’m in a zone.
I want you alone right now, Baby.

Picked up a naughty little outfit.
I think I’ll top it off with strappy heels.
I wanna be your main entrée.
You hungry, Baby? Let me be your meal.
The activist is on the sideline.
Let me be your pretty baby tonight.
Is that alright?

If you want action
(I’mma give it to ya).
If you want passion
(Baby, let me do ya).
There’s no need for asking
(I’m all yours).

If you want pleasing
(It’s alright).
Tell me you need me
(Baby, all night)
My temperature’s rising
(Relieve me, Oh).

Touch Me.
Love Me.
Kiss Me.
Squeeze Me.
Rub Me, Oh.
(and do it again)

Verse 2:
You know the stresses of the work day
can really rip a girl to little shreds.
Why don’t you ease all my frustration?
Invite me over and into your bed.
Baby, skip all the formalities.
Let me be your kinky kitty tonight.
Is that alright?

Track Name: Distracted
Verse 1:
So distracted.
So distracted.
So distracted.

So distracted.
So distracted.
No sleep.
So distracted.

All my dreams are dying in this box.
I want more.
This isn’t living.
I’m fucking dying.
Waiting on a Prince to come.
Waiting on the rain to fall.
I wanna live.

I wanna ride on the wings of my dreams.
But, do they really come true?
Could they really come true
when I’m so distracted.

Verse 2:
So distracted.
So distracted.
9 to 5.
Stay alive.
Shuck and jive.
Really die.
So distracted.

So distracted.
Happiness redacted.
No sleep.
So distracted.

All my dreams are dying in this box.
I want more.
This isn’t living.
I’m fucking dying.
Waiting on a Prince to come.
Waiting on the rain to fall.
I wanna live.

I wanna ride on the wings of my dreams.
But, do they really come true?
Could they really come true
when I’m so distracted?
Track Name: Voices
Kopelli’s Verse:

Look at how a king go do it
Nigga look at how my queen go do it
I'm from a city where the weak don't eat
But no matter what the means I'mma sink my teeth, hey
A young lord gone feast
Know the earning don't stop the grind don't cease
I'm all about them checks let a comma connect
the big sums, then I come to collect it right

I'm a genius bidge
On another level what you think this is
never let a doubter talk me out of my bravado
Let a hater motivate and levitate me to the dollars

I'm back on muhfucka
Elevated in my zone muhfucka
Let em know that's it's the ruler on throne
Betta think long for you talk wrong muhfucka


I hear your voice inside my head.
Keeps me going.

Condemned by all the words you said.
Rocks you're throwing.

You thought that I'd roll over dead.
You don't know me.

I hear your voice inside my head, head, head.

Phoenix’s Verse:

Time to burn all the self-doubting shit.
Crab-niggas can't run this shit.
I want the gold, the cars, the life, the dream.
Won't stop until I get that shit.

All the voices tell me drop these goals.
Say "you're too old".
Get a desk and a pension and a mention when you die in the paper
While you vex your soul.

But, the vision can't die.
Not a chick that'll swallow her pride.
Not a bitch that'll bitch under pressure, but a bad piece of coal -
I want the sky, Muhfucka
Eternal life, can't die, Muhfucka.
I want more than a sliver or a slice -
You can go ahead and pass the whole pie, Muhfucka.



(I can’t pay my bills with your opinion).

Whatever's on your mind don't make my plate
And What you gotta say don't seal my fate

(Damn sho can’t get rich off your opinion).

Whatever's on your mind don't make my plate
And what you gotta say don't seal my fate

I be on my job so tough
I be on my job so tough
The narrow way you looking at my vision you could never see enough
Try to talk me out my game you should really give it up
You ain't here to live good what you came for
Man I'm shootin' for stars while you aim low
Think that I let it go because you say so
Still here grind hard never change no

Track Name: Legacy
WOOP! She’s not soul.
She on another level.
Too bass-ed out
Need to up the treble.
Way too rebel
Got them dreadlocks.
All that shit they say
Still I got them heads nodding.

I’m on my revolution.

My game changer
Run up all in your thoughts
put the flexible in your walk
knock the fear offa yo tongue
Push the air back in your lungs
As a whole what’s the goal?
Agile for your soul.

The best way to deal with fake is be real.
I just do what I feel.
While yawl go left. I go right.
Outta mind.
Outta sight.
Outta sight.
Outta mind.
Outta time.
I don’t mind.
Ride the wave of the path you choose.
yawl alright?

Woop, she not a hoe.
Won’t be no ass clapping
No titty’s bopping for dollars
But I’ll leave those tongues wagging
Gotta let this Queendom reign.
I’m a muthafucking thoroughbred.
Stable abandoned.
Panic widespread.

I’m on my a revolution

Check the pedigree.
Less than a year ago.
Yawl wasn’t riding for me.
But I can see the future.
Built a legacy and I’ll leave some crumbs on the floor for my enemies.


Why don’t you just keep it real?
Why don’t you just keep it real?
I’m way above it.
The fakeness of it.
Keep it real, why don’t you just keep it real, why don’t keep it real?
Keep it real.